Self-Propelled Container Loader-Transporter SPK-36

Self-propelled container loader SPK-36 (hereinafter SPK) is designed for carrying and loading/unloading containers: LD1, LD2, LD3, LD3-46, LD-6, LD-8, LD11 and pallets PL-6 on lower and upper decks of aircrafts with a threshold height up to 3.6 m. and container dollies with a max. height by rolls of 495 mm.

SPK services the following aircraft types:

Upper decks - B 707, B 727, B 737, DC-8F, DC-9F;
Bottom decks - А 310, А 319, A 320, A 321, А 330, А 340, B 747, B 767, B 777, DC-10, MD-11, IL-86.

The machine is designed for operation on airport aprons and in civil aviation warehouses. The construction of SPK complies with the requirements of the following technical standard documents: AHM 910, AHM 911, AHM 913, AHM 915, AHM 936, ОСТ 54-3-273.81-2001, EN 1915-1, EN 1915-2, EN 12312-9.

SPK is a means of transport mounted on an original LAS-1 chassis and consists of the following components:

  • Self-propelled chassis with hydraulic drive;
  • Engine – diesel D 2011 L4 W with electrical control;
  • Hydraulic pump - axial-piston A10VG 63 with electrical control;
  • Hydraulic motors - radial-piston MCR5 380 – 2 pcs.
  • Backward drive wheels
  • Tyres – CSE (hard rubber)
    • Front tyre - 23 х 10 - 12 with safe allowable load 2,900 kg;
    • Back tyres - 250 – 15 with safe allowable load 3,650 kg;
    • Chassis frame provided with towing arrangement for towage of SPK in case of emergency.
    • Lifting platform SPTK for 2 baggage containers LD1, LD-2, LD3, LD3-46 or one container LD-6, LD-8,LD11 and pallet PL-6 with a total weight of 3,600 kg; motorized moving of containers in the course of loading-unloading operations in aircrafts, bogie-type train or fixed storage equipment.

The lifting platform consists of the main platform where the containers are placed during transportation and when approaching the hatch of the aircraft and container dolly. Equipment for lengthwise container transportation along the platform. Equipment for transverse container transportation on the front of the platform. Shock absorbers preventing damage to the aircraft and baggage dollies when approaching SPTK and platform lifting. A device to restrict container movement located on the edges of the platform. Devices for directing containers and pallets to the hatch of the aircraft on the docking part of the platform, securing inlet width adjustment of containers. Railings to ensure staff work safely. A platform for the control panel and a safe working place for the operator.

For safely reaching the front hatch of the airplane A319 the lifting platform is mounted on a chassis to reach the minimum possible distance between the left chassis edge and the left restrictive guide of the containers platform.


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