Deicing and Anti-icing Equipment

Aircraft icing is a process of pollution formation due to freezing. The pollution on so-called critical components of aircraft leads to the diminishment or even loss of aerodynamic functions. The permitted weight limit can be exceeded. Faulty aircraft handling or the absence of such before take-off has been one of the most common reasons for accidents resulting in aircraft loss in civil aviation within the last 30 years. The deicing process consists of two main phases: de-icing (handling of ice and snow pollution) and anti-icing (covering with a protective layer, which prevents repeated icing of critical surfaces for a time).

Here is the schema demonstrating the key operating principle of a machine with a liquid blend system:

Принципиальная схема обработки ВС

Global Ground Support (USA) and LAS-1 offer various modifications of machines for de-icing for all types of aircrafts. LAS-1 has equipment installed on the chassis from European or Russian manufacturers. Maintenance and post-warranty service is provided.

The main advantage of de-icers produced by Global and LAS-1 is their safety, ease of use and reliability. De-icers can service aircraft with a fin height up to 24 m.


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