ATK-14 Container Transporter

Container Transporter ATK-14 is used to handle air containers and pallets at airport aprons and commercial airports warehouses.

Compatible with the following container and pallet types: AKC (LD1), DPE (LD2), AKE (LD3), AKH (LD3-45), ALP (LD4), ALF (LD6), PAD P1P, XAW P1P (LD7), DQF (LD8), AAP (LD9), ALP (LD11), AAF (LD26), AAU, RAU (LD29), AMU (LD39),  PNA (61,5"х96"), PLA (60,4 “x125 “), P1P (88"х125), P6P (96"х125"), PRA 16- ft (96”x196”), PGA 20-ft (96”x238”).

  • Load capacity– 14,000 kg,
  • Three-seater cabin,
  • Fully powered roller platform fitted with
    • a roller track, consisting of three sections with independent hydraulic actuators for reverse movement of containers (pallets) along the platform,
    • supports with hydraulic and manual controls to lock containers and pallets in transport position,
    • a rotating device in the rear section (optional).
  • Front and back outriggers mounted on the vehicle’s frame.

Hydraulic actuators (roller sections, support outriggers, back support) are powered by a hydraulic pump mounted on the PTO of the chassis engine.


Property Value

Main advantages

  • Wide working temperature range
  • Experience and traditions
  • Multi-language support
  • Up-to-date design solutions
  • Price / Quality
  • In compliance with standards

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