Self-Propelled Telescoping Passenger Stairs

Self-propelled telescoping passenger stairs TTA-S/A are designed for comfortable and safe passenger boarding (disembarking). Services a range of passenger door sill heights from 2.3 up to 5.8 m.

Types of aircrafts serviced: Superjet-100; TU-134; TU -154; TU -204; TU -214; IL-62; IL -86; IL -96; А-300; А-310; А-319; А-320; А321; А-330; А-340; B-707; B-727; B-737; B-747; B-757; B-767; В-777; В-787; СS-100/300; L-1011; DC-8; DC-9; DC-10; MD-11 and others with appropriate threshold height of access doors.

The stairs come with a chassis developed by LAS-1. A diesel engine is used.

The passenger stairs have a stepless automatic hydrodynamic gear manufactured by Graziano/Oerlikon (Italy).

A UK-manufactured drive axis has been installed in the chassis. It is designed to be used under a heavy load and is used in machines with a high load on the axes. In conjunction with major wheel diameter and spring-loaded rear suspension it ensures high reliability, high passing ability on all types of aprons and smoothness of movement.

The self-propelled chassis is equipped with a one-man closed cabin with ventilation and heating.

The stair is produced in two modifications: with an open stair and closed stair with an entrance and bellows gangway.


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  • Wide working temperature range
  • Experience and traditions
  • Multi-language support
  • Up-to-date design solutions
  • Price / Quality
  • In compliance with standards

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