Passenger Stairs with Lifting System for PRM

Our company offers passenger stairs with a lifting system for PRM, designed specifically for regional airport terminals. These are passenger stairs that can be used like any other stairs. However, they can lift a disabled passenger using a special lifting platform whenever needed.

The lifting platform is equipped with a separate hydraulic motor. It can also be used for loading containers with airline food or other related equipment.

The platform is equipped with wheelchair and container fixing devices as well as removable handrails for passenger security. Lifting and lowering is done by means of a hydraulic motor.

The platform moves along guides that are mounted on the right side of the stairs. When not in use, the platform is folded and fixed, which ensures that the passengers feel secure when boarding the aircraft.

Passenger Stairs with system to carry out the service for Passengers with reduced mobility are registered under the trademark TA-S 4.8 PRM.


Property Value

Main advantages

  • Wide working temperature range
  • Experience and traditions
  • Multi-language support
  • Up-to-date design solutions
  • Price / Quality
  • In compliance with standards

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