The tip of the lower refuelling NNZ-6M is intended for refuelling aircrafts with all kinds of jet fuel in pure form or in a mixture with antifreeze liquids.

The tip can also be used for filling tankers at the refuelling points.


The design of the tip ensures a hermetic connection of the dispenser hose of the tanker to the aircraft intake connector, as well as speed and convenience in use.

The connecting and installation dimensions are in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 45 (including GOST 13475-68).

The interlocks used on the tip ensure against:

  • opening the valve without fully attaching the tip to the side fitting;
  • detaching the tip from the nozzle without completely closing the valve, thus avoiding accidental spillage of fuel.

The tip has a socket for connecting a sampling tube.

The ball joint of the nozzle with the tip body ensures free rotation of the tip in relation to the sleeve. This eliminates the twisting of the sleeve and facilitates the attachment of the tip to the side fitting.

The parts in contact with the side fitting are made of stainless steel, the remaining parts are made of aluminium alloy with nickel coating, which ensures reliable metallization.

Climatic performance U, allocation category I according to GOST 15150-69 at ambient temperatures from -40 to +40 ° C.

Key features:

Throughput at the pressure in front of the tip

not less than 0.55 MPa (5.5 kgf / cm2), m3 / h (l / min)

90 (1500)

Hydraulic resistance at throughput not more than

1500 l / min, MPa (kgf / cm2)

0,05 (0,5)


Working pressure at the inlet, no more than MPa (kgf / cm2)

0,55 (5,5)

Overall dimensions, mm:

- height for dy 50 mm

- height for dy 63 mm

- handles





Weight in kg, no more than



Property Value

Main advantages

  • Wide working temperature range
  • Experience and traditions
  • Multi-language support
  • Up-to-date design solutions
  • Price / Quality
  • In compliance with standards

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