Loading lift platform

We offer two types of loading lift platforms for container and pallet handling in the cargo terminal:

  • Electrical lifting ramp RPE-2, weight-lifting capacity 2 t, designed for motorized handling of pallets: PA-1,5 and containers: LD3; LD3-46; 1AK-0,6; 1 AK -1,0; 2AK -0,9; 2AK -1,5; ZAK-0,4; ZAK -0,7 in container rooms of civil and cargo airport terminals.
  • Electrical lifting ramp RPE-7, weight-lifting ability 7 t designed for motorized handling of pallets and trays: 60,4x125"; 88x125"; 96x125" PA-1,5; PA -2,5; PA -3,0; PA -3,6; PA -4,5; PA -5,6; PA -6,8 and containers: LD3; LD3-46; LD7; 1 AK -0,6; 1AK-1,0; 2AK -0,9; 2AK -1,5; ZAK-0,4; ZAK-0,7; UAK-2,5; UAK -5 in container rooms of civil and cargo airport terminals.

Loading lift platforms can be equipped with platforms for lengthwise and multiway cargo moving and can also include drive rolls for motorized moving of the containers/pallets. A specific feature of electrical lift platforms is their low noise level, which is particularly important when the platform is situated indoors due to its compact size and low operational costs.


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  • Wide working temperature range
  • Experience and traditions
  • Multi-language support
  • Up-to-date design solutions
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  • In compliance with standards

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